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 Giratina Network Rules

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PostSubject: Giratina Network Rules   Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:42 am

Giratina Network Rules

This Forum is a forum that should be a friendly place for others and when posting on this forum you should post in english.This rule isnt one of those instant ban rules but it is recommened that you should follow this.

Please do not post a topic until you have made sure there isnt another topic on this.If there is one but it is very old make a new one and link the old one to the new topic you make.Do not double post.For those who dont know what double posting is its when you have posted and then you post straight after your post.Instead edit your last post.Dont post in topics and just say "ok" or "kool" because this will be noticed as you just trying to get your post count up.Dont put alot of smily's in one line this would be counted as a form of SPAM.

Dont make heaps of quotes in your post because this can cause people having to scroll for a bit more.Just delete the parets of the quotes you dont need.

Dont make posts with a whole lot of writing in it that makes no sense also advertising is not allowed until the advertising forum is made.People who do this will be warned

Avatars are not to be a bigger file size than 64kb and are not to be more than 100 x 100 pixels.Signatures shouldnt be too big soon there will be a "spoiler feature which will let you put a heap of stuff in there wil people can open to have a look.If your signatures are to big we will remove everything in them or the stuff that makes it big and will give you a warning.

Do not copyy this forum and make your own copy of this.This will not be tolerated.Making "spoof" forums with the same buttons or event just copying the rules is not allowed.If we find out that you have done this we will tell you to remove it and give you a warning and if you dont remove what you have copyed you will be BANNED.

(c) 2008 Giratina Network
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Giratina Network Rules
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