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 Preparing for Diamond/Pearl

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PostSubject: Preparing for Diamond/Pearl   Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:29 pm

The firred and leafgreen region has some pokemon which can learn moves from mvoe tutors all around that in diamond and pearl

This is the place to post how to get good Eved pokemon off firred or leafgreen that can be good on diamond and pearl
I will tell you about bLiSsY

First go into the safari games and get yourself a chansey.If you can be bothered try get it a bold or careful nature or somthing.Then when you got your chansey.Go to the second city and when you cut the tree go to the back of the museam and talk to one of the guys and he will teach you thunderwave i think (maybe counter) Then you go to this guy in the biggest town and he gives you either counter or thunderwave.If you want an aromatherapy blissy you will have to bred your blissy with a rosela.

I know this is very helpful but i couldnt be bothered searching up to get the correct places and stuff.
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Preparing for Diamond/Pearl
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