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 My Goals, Thoughts and Knowledge

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PostSubject: My Goals, Thoughts and Knowledge   Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:57 pm

My goals,thoughts and knowledge.

My Goals
I have quite a few goals that i have been wanting to complete but some of them are going to take a long time to do.So lets get to it.My first goal would have to be being able to hack 100% legit looking pokemon easy.I can make pokemon look legit but i do the easy way.I get a pokemon that is legit has the nature i want.Hack it change it to the pokemon i want change ot ect.You should get what i mean.So by what i mean with the other goal is to be abble to just make a legit looking pokemon from scratch.My second goal would have to be complete diamond and pearl national dex 100% legaly.This isnt possible at the moment but it will be when arceus event comes out.My third goal is shiny chaining.I want to be abble to be a complete master at shiny chaining.Right now i am good but not a pro so i have alot of work to do to become a pro.I have successfully caught a shiny pokemon by chaining even though is wasnt the pokemon i was expecting.The pokemon i realy want to chain shiny 100% legit are Evee,(get somone to clone so i can get all evee evo's in shiny form) next is probaly a shiny electric (i have tried heaps to get this guy but i never see his shiny form)(his shiny form is blue and it looks great!) porygon.These are the main shinys i want but they are really hard to get so im starting with the easy ones first.My last goal would have to be get all the pokemon in all the pokemon games and have one of each of them eved legitamitly.So 1 of each pokemon eved legit.

My thoughts

Well most of my thoughts aint really to do with pokemon but they are sort of what i think a human being should be.I think i human being should be , A fun person who loves to chat, doesnt get to angry that often, wont dis others, is helpful and kind.There would be more but i cant be bothered typing them all out.I Also think that people who are on forums that dont obey rules ect. should be warned or banned because i know alot of people that let things slip of forums for people alot of times.But i guess there just a nice person who doesnt want to get anyone in trouble.Toward pokemon now i think they should of made the D/P storyline better because the game is really easy to complete and it isnt really that interesting except for the earthquake that happens when your in the libary after your 7th badge.

I dont have much to write about my knowledge but i will right a few things i am good at eg:shiny chaining.Well for the knowledge that i know, i know how to use pokesav properly and know how to use most of the buttons on there like wonder card area, creating pokemon and changing your location.I also have knowledge about the pokemon games.I myself have played each one of them starting from FR/LG and i know the newer the game, the worse the storyline but the better the graphics.I havnt played Red/Blue/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal because i dont have a gba and there sopossed to be practicly the same has FR/LG there just older versions.I hope i get to play them one day so i can do all the glitches that there are in those games.I also know how to clone on the games that you are able to and know about pal-parking ect.My knowledge of the events isnt that great but i have started to learn why they are different, why so many people want them, and what makes them legendarys.I want to thank nintendo for making these games because they are really amazing and alot of thought must have gone into making these games.

If you have your own story about the games, or somthing like mine please post it here.Or you can just comment to mine if you wish.


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My Goals, Thoughts and Knowledge
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